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Do you need a ladder to reach your electrical panel?  This can be problematic when quick and easy access to the electrical panel is necessary.  A qualified electrician will likely advise installing a platform underneath your electrical panel if it is too high for an average-height person to reach with ease.  Worst case scenario, re-wire and locate the panel at a lower height.  Typically, this means not having the main circuit breaker at the top of the panel any higher than 6’7”.  If you need a ladder to flip breakers, it’s definitely too high!


Sylvania Zinsco electrical panels are known to the inspection industry to be problematic (just like Dracula…) and should be further evaluated by a qualified electrician.  

But what exactly is so problematic about them?  This brand of electrical panel is a known latent hazard, risking failing to protect your home from a fire or injury should an over-current hazard occur.  Replacement is typically advised by qualified electricians, familiar with these panels, and certainly by myself.  How do you spot these panels you might ask? Sylvania Zinsco panels are easy to spot by their brightly colored and thinner (compared to modern electrical panels) breakers.  

Please check out this link for more information if you have concerns: Recalled Electrical Panels: What You Need To Know [With Photos] (sunelectrician.com)


During a recent inspection in Freeland, I noticed condensation and lint accumulation within the electrical panel enclosure—which was installed near open dryer vent ducting.

Savvy homeowners understand that dryer vent ducting should always be routed to the exterior of the home, so it didn’t take a great detective to determine this was a problem. The panel was being coated in moisture and lint, and…do I even need to continue?  

Nope, you know where this is going.

In my report, I recommended fully extending and discharging dryer vent ducting to the exterior to prevent recurrence. I also suggested further evaluation, repair, and cleaning of the electrical panel by a qualified contractor for safety reasons.

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