John, Paul, Ringo, and George. Yep, you know them as The Beatles. 

“Hey, Jude.” “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” “All You Need Is Love.” The list goes on and on.

Evidence of their remarkable impact as the most influential band in the world is easily found in their catalog of timeless hits. 

Unfortunately, there is another kind of beetle that has also left a wide, not-so-positive mark: the anobiid beetle. For homeowners, anobiid beetles are the enemy. Don’t believe me? Just listen to its nicknames: “powderpost beetle,” “furniture beetle,” and my personal fave—“deathwatch beetle.”

Not exactly the “Fab Four.” 

During a recent inspection in San Juan County, I encountered deterioration and apparent anobiid beetle activity/damage noted at some of the basement wood windows and sills.

While these little buggers can cause lots of damage, remember this simple rule: bugs love moisture. If you take care of your moisture problems, you take care of your bug problems.

If you have questions or comments about possible insect activity/damage or home inspections in general, tweet me (@AIHomeInspect).