What’s Your Roof Routine?

I know, it’s still summer-ish, but fall and winter weather is on the horizon! Now is a great time to prepare for the upcoming rainy season by ensuring your roof is in tip-top condition. Before the leaves start piling up, evaluate your roof coverings, and make necessary repairs. If you think the roof might be getting close to end-of-life, I recommend consulting with a roofing contractor to assess and bid replacement or repairs.

Once the rains begin and the roof is wet, it’s a great time to treat the roof. How? Treat it with baking soda if no moss is present, and treat it with zinc powder / granules if moss is visible. I recommend semi-annual treatment (spring and fall). Debris will start piling on your roof and filling your gutters soon, so you’ll want to periodically clear debris in the fall until the deep of winter has set in. By becoming familiar with your roof’s condition and practicing routine maintenance, you can help prevent costly water damage in the future—giving you peace-of-mind that your roof is ready to weather any storms that may come.

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