Video: Foundation CRACK Discovered

Foundation cracks are commonly discovered during home inspections. So common, I like to say, “Concrete does two things…it gets hard and it cracks.” The question becomes whether the crack is significant enough to warrant further evaluation and possible repair by a qualified contractor. This particular crack, discovered at an Oak Harbor home inspection on Whidbey Island, had characteristics (e.g., size, displacement, and sharp edges) that warranted a second opinion. Most cracks don’t need further evaluation, in fact I’d estimate that I call this out less than 5% of the time for home inspections. Settling and shrinkage cracks are commonplace. And, older homes can have quite large cracks which, if the edges are worn suggest they’re historic and the home has done all of its settling in the past. When in doubt, I’d recommend first having an experienced home inspector further evaluate and advise as to whether a structural contractor or engineer is warranted. Hope this helps!  

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