I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but a good home inspector is invaluable. 

Just ask the homeowner or Realtor who discovered significant issues before closing (or not closing). Like any major decision, it’s important to take your time when considering who to hire as your inspector. Furthermore, once you’ve made your decision, take the opportunity to prepare for the inspection.

Along those lines, I’d like to share a handful of articles that I hope will assist you in maximizing the value and effectiveness of your home inspection. Happy reading!

AuthorThe Balance

Title: “How to Get Ready for a Home Inspection

Recommended Because: Selling your house? Make sure to put your best foot forward and prepare yourselves accordingly for the inspection. 


Title: “How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Home Inspection

Recommended Because: A summary of shrewd—but simple—tips to make sure your home inspection goes smoothly and efficiently. I especially appreciate the chance to meet with clients to address any questions or concerns. 

AuthorFamily Handyman

Title: “12 Tips for Getting the Most out of a Home Inspection

Recommended Because:This includes some of the same tips from the previous article, but a few extras are thrown in for consideration. While these are not the cornerstone ideas behind rocket science, they are essential.

Title: “Selling Your House? Better Prepare for the Home Inspection”

Recommended Because:Solid tips for real estate professionals on how to better prepare for inspections. 

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