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On Saturdays throughout the year, I hope to give you a peek of what I see as a home inspector traveling around San Juan, Island, Whatcom, and Skagit counties through photos and videos I’ve taken along the way.

I’m sure if you know or live in Northwest Washington, you probably feel the same about how special it is here. That’s why I invite you to share your Northwest Washington imagery! Simply take your picture or video showing why you appreciate the region, and tag it with #AllIslandsLife on Twitteror Facebook.

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You know that big earthquake we are supposed to have? Unfortunately, many homes will probably not fare too well during the big shake. 

However, I recently came across a home in Whatcom County that should do all right because of its unique, industrial-grade structural elements. The home featured steel truss construction and steel framing in the attic, which I don’t see very often in residential buildings.

Down below, the crawl space also featured steel framing for the floor joists and steel support columns. As I say in the video, the house is “built like a tank.”

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Everyone so often, your house needs a makeover. Last month, we learned that a typical home needs a new exterior paint job about every decade on average. If you own your house for a while, that’s potentially a lot of painting.

If you are going to hire a house painter, you may want to ponder a few things in advance that will help save you money, time and general potential annoyances/pitfalls. We hope the tips below help!

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I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but a good home inspector is invaluable. 

Just ask the homeowner or Realtor who discovered significant issues before closing (or not closing). Like any major decision, it’s important to take your time when considering who to hire as your inspector. Furthermore, once you’ve made your decision, take the opportunity to prepare for the inspection.

Along those lines, I’d like to share a handful of articles that I hope will assist you in maximizing the value and effectiveness of your home inspection. Happy reading!

AuthorThe Balance

Title: “How to Get Ready for a Home Inspection

Recommended Because: Selling your house? Make sure to put your best foot forward and prepare yourselves accordingly for the inspection. 


Title: “How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Home Inspection

Recommended Because: A summary of shrewd—but simple—tips to make sure your home inspection goes smoothly and efficiently. I especially appreciate the chance to meet with clients to address any questions or concerns. 

AuthorFamily Handyman

Title: “12 Tips for Getting the Most out of a Home Inspection

Recommended Because:This includes some of the same tips from the previous article, but a few extras are thrown in for consideration. While these are not the cornerstone ideas behind rocket science, they are essential. 


Title: “Selling Your House? Better Prepare for the Home Inspection”

Recommended Because:Solid tips for real estate professionals on how to better prepare for inspections. 

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In terms of historic properties, the West Coast is a “young pup” when compared to regions east of the Mississippi. However, that certainly doesn’t mean the area is devoid of homes of yesteryear: Northwest Washington has a healthy inventory of beautiful historic homes.

For this post, I’d like to share some worthwhile articles that address what to consider when inspecting historic properties. I hope they help you gain additional insight for wherever you are in the home inspection process.

Thanks for reading!

Author: International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)

Title: “Inspecting Historic Homes

Recommended Because: The article presents  a helpful overview of things to consider in the main different structural elements (e.g.., foundation, wall coverings, roof, windows, etc.)

Author: American Home Inspectors Training

Title: “Historic home inspections require experience

Recommended Because: The article addresses some of the characteristics you should consider in a home inspector when it comes to historic properties. 

Author: National Trust for Historic Preservation

Title: “10 Tips for Inspecting Historic Houses Before You Buy

Recommended Because: If you are in the market for a home or selling a home, check out the National Trust for Historic Preservation for lots of great tips related to historic properties. This is an excellent article particularly for those considering the purchase of a home.

To see what it’s like to inspect a historic home, check out the video below.

And for history buffs who merely want to see some impressive historic properties in Whatcom, Skagit, Island, and San Juan Counties, check out the links below. Road trip anyone?

National Register of Historic Places Listings: Whatcom County

National Register of Historic Places Listings: Skagit County

National Register of Historic Places Listings: Island County

National Register of Historic Places Listings: San Juan County

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VIDEO: Deteriorated Composite Siding Discovered

Completely deteriorated composite exterior siding was discovered adjacent the window at the upper level of a home at a recent home inspection on San Juan Island (Friday Harbor). Keeping exterior elements properly sealed (painted and caulked) is critical to helping prevent siding/trim damage and water intrusion. In this case, repair and replacement of deteriorated siding was warranted, recognizing the possibility of underlying damage not visible without invasive inspection.
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9 things to fix around the house before they get worse!

Old Hammer from ToolboxHere at All Islands Home Inspections, one of our continuing themes is “fix small problems before they become big ones.” While this is hardly an original idea, it is a proven and important principle. Popular Mechanics says: “No matter how much time you spend safeguarding your home and performing routine maintenance to keep everything in tip-top condition, you’ll still be blindsided by unexpected breakdowns. But often you can eliminate potential problems before they arise, saving yourself a lot of money and hassle.” See their list of nine things to fix around the house before they get worse.

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