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On Saturdays throughout the year, I hope to give you a peek of what I see as a home inspector traveling around San Juan, Island, Whatcom, and Skagit counties through photos and videos I’ve taken along the way.

I’m sure if you know or live in Northwest Washington, you probably feel the same about how special it is here. That’s why I invite you to share your Northwest Washington imagery! Simply take your picture or video showing why you appreciate the region, and tag it with #AllIslandsLife on Twitter or Facebook.

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Video: HUGE Wasp Nest in Crawl Space!

Inspecting a home in Lynden, Washington the other day, I happened upon a HUGE wasp nest just inside the crawl space access hatch. I’ve learned, from experience, that’s it’s very important to make sure the crawl space is safe to enter before diving in. In this case, the nest appeared inactive, but I recommended removal nonetheless. It would be very easy for someone to put their hand right into this huge nest, entering the crawl space, and have a serious problem.