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Wall cracks? Not always a foundation issue.

Cracked surfaceNormal fluctuations of interior walls often cause problems. Wallboard is fastened to the studs of the ceiling and walls and the joints are taped and joined for finishing. Minor cracks in drywall and some nail-pops are normal occurrences. Slight imperfections, such as nail pops, seam lines, and cracks not exceeding 1/8” are common. Repair cracks with joint compound, sand and repaint. Repair hairline cracks at inside corners with a flexible, paintable caulk. Repair nail pops by resetting or replacing the nail in the drywall. Place another nail 1” or 2” away in the stud and hammer below the drywall surface. Cover the areas with spackling compound and allow to dry completely (second coats may be needed). Sand until smooth and repaint. Wallpaper seams can become loose or curl due to climate changes. Re-attach loose wallpaper.