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You may operate under the false impression that the only things needing trimming grow on human bodies.  Just like we need a haircut/trim every here and there to feel clean and prevent excess moisture, our homes need the same treatment! 

Whether or not you like the look of vegetation growing on your home, it’s generally not regarded as structurally sound.  Vegetation on building exteriors can be an invitation for moisture and insect damage/intrusion.  Not to mention, it can also inhibit my ability to fully inspect the building’s exterior, which can lead to a less-than-thorough inspection.  I cannot trim vegetation back at the time of inspection…it isn’t my job, and it could present legal issues (I’m not permitted to fix and/or alter things as I inspect).  

Though it may be endearing to look at buildings such as Gowen Hall on the University of Washington Campus, Seattle, don’t let aesthetics take priority over longevity!