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It may be an old wives’ tale that stepping on a crack in a concrete walkway will without a doubt break your mother’s back.  Though the consequence of this action is likely far less grave, you could break your own back (it’s possible!). 

Settlement cracks in concrete walkways surrounding homes can be a tripping hazard for unwary passersby.  In 2021, we are taking lots of walks yet are more glued to our phones than ever.  I guess you could say we’re easily distracted…this isn’t all bad!  When it comes to walkways, though, this could present a safety issue.  Look at your phone at the wrong time…and of course the one time you look at it, you step in a crack!  You look over at your mom to make sure she’s okay, but to your amazement you are on the ground!  Taking phones out of the equation isn’t an option (**dismay**), so filling and repairing settlement cracks in your concrete driveway is the best option to protect carefree passersby.  Do your part to keep your neighbors safe and keep them coming around!