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DANGEROUS Settled Deck Support Posts Discovered!

Tim Hance with All Islands Home Inspections recently discovered dangerous, settled support posts, subsequently unprofessionally repaired, at a home inspection in the San Juan Islands. This issue was referred to a qualified contractor for further evaluation and repair prior to closing for obvious safety reasons. Thanks for watching!

Restricted Roof Soffit Vents Lead to Roof Moisture Problems!

Tim Hance if All Islands Home Inspections videos restricted soffit vents at a recent home inspection. It’s important that soffit vents remain free and clear of obstructions to prevent elevated moisture conditions within ceiling cavities that can lead to structural damage and mold growth within. Thanks for watching!

VIDEO: Pond Under Home!

Inspecting a home in the San Juan Islands, I recently discovered at least one (1) foot of water throughout the crawl space! This, of course, rendered the crawl space inaccessible to inspection. Standing water in crawl spaces, regardless of season, puts the building’s structure at risk of settlement, water and insect damage. If you have standing water conditions in your crawl space, you should have them addressed promptly; the longer you wait, the more expensive the repair becomes.

Your vermiculite insulation could contain asbestos

If you have insulation in your attic that looks like this picture, it may be vermiculite insulation. This type of insulation could contain asbestos.  Testing for asbestos is outside the scope of the home inspection and requires laboratory sampling.  Here’s a link (click HERE) to the EPA brochure with more information about vermiculite insulation.  This was discovered at a recent home inspection in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

New deck joist hangers on old siding

New deck joists hangers were installed directly onto older wood siding, without the installation of a proper bolted 2x deck ledger at a recent home inspection in Anacortes.  The most common point of failure for deck systems is at the interface between the deck and home.  For this reason, a bolted deck ledger is advised and the deck joist hangers are attached to this instead of thin siding.  I recommended further evaluation and repair by a qualified contractor who will likely install a new deck ledger underneath the existing deck joists to the whole deck doesn’t need to be dismantled.

LP InnerSeal Siding in EXCELLENT Condition!

LP InnerSeal composite siding is a product that was subject to class action lawsuit for elevated maintenance requirements and premature failure. The siding on this particular house was in EXCELLENT condition, documented at a recent home inspection on San Juan Island. Well maintained, painted and caulked, this product will deliver years of serviceable life. This particular inspection was conducted in 2017, and the siding was installed in 1993, in excellent condition. So, just because you may have a home with LP InnerSeal siding, doesn’t mean it’s in poor condition. Keep it maintained and you’ll be fine, but pay attention to painting and caulking! Continue reading

Photo: Wood structure damage

This is a classic example of earth-wood contact leading to deterioration and insect activity that I discovered at a recent home inspection in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.  Pictured here is a deck baluster and pressure-treated stair stringer, both of which are deteriorated where they are in contact with the ground.  Elevated moisture conditions lead to WDO (wood destroying organism) activity, e.g., carpenter ants, anobiid beetles, termites, rot fungus, etc.  I always recommend keeping all exterior elements clear and free of the ground and landscaping elements to help prevent insect and water damage.

VIDEO: All Islands Home Inspections Visits SPONGEBOB & YELLOW SUBMARINE!

Tim Hance, owner of All Islands Home Inspections, couldn’t resist filming artistic replicas of Sponge Bob Squarepants’ “Pineapple Under the Sea” and the Beatles “Yellow Submarine” discovered while inspecting a home on San Juan Island in Washington State. Never a dull moment inspecting or in the truly beautiful and unique San Juan Islands! Continue reading

Video: Fogged Windows Explained

At a recent home inspection on San Juan Island, I found a “fogged” window. Fogged windows are common and indicate that the seal between the double-pane glass has been lost. It DOES NOT mean that water will be entering the home to cause damage. For this reason, “fogged” windows are generally considered a cosmetic issue in the home inspection industry. That said, you can expect “fogged” windows to become progressively “foggier,” and most homeowners want them replaced, especially if they impede an amazing view. A window contractor can usually replace fogged windows without having to remove the window or trim itself; they simply replace the glass. Because replacement can be expensive, especially if a significant number of windows are “fogged,” it’s best to get a quote for replacement so you can understand the costs involved. Continue reading