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I don’t know about you, but if I’m walking on a deck, I’d prefer it remain standing. Or if I’m under a roof, I’d much rather it not collapse on me. 

Therefore, when I see issues related to reduced structural integrity, I point them out in my reports. 

While on an inspection in Sedro-Woolley, I recommended further evaluation of the posts and beams of the home’s exterior carport because a post appeared to be missing underneath a beam. 

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Sometimes, my job can be scary. Traversing steep, slippery roofs; entering crawl spaces with who-knows-what living inside…you get the picture.

During a recent home inspection in Anacortes, I came across a scary looking deck that was basically ready to fall over. The condition of the deck was so bad, I didn’t even attempt to go on it. You name the structural issue, this deck seemed to have it, including substantially deteriorated posts, beams, and deck joists.

Take care of your deck, and it will take care of you.

Yikes. Be careful out there.

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