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As you can see from the picture in this post, somebody really wanted to get in that door. While the method used to gain entry was, um, interesting, this photo (taken during an inspection in Coupeville) also inspired me to consider home security issues.

Home security is an essential consideration for any home, and there has been a lot written about the topic. I’ve compiled a few articles that may help you in your security efforts, and I hope they inspire you to take action!

Author: Metal Floss

Title: “Security Experts Share 9 Ways to Make Your Home Safer

Recommended Because: A solid roundup of some low-hanging-fruit solutions that will make your surroundings feel a lot more secure.

Author: Family Handyman

Title: 22 Inexpensive Ways to Theft-Proof Your Home

Recommended Because: Well, for starters, we love the Family Handyman’s content. This post provides tips from a DIY, hardware installation perspective. 

Author: Angie’s List

Title: “6 Tips for a More Secure Front Door

Recommended Because: If you want to zoom in on securing your door alone, this article breaks down some clear steps to take. 

Stay safe out there!

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Front doors: Wood, steel or fiberglass?

White door on a brick wallMichael Franco of bobvila.com says, “You put a great deal of trust in your front door, counting on it to form a good first impression of your home for any visitor or passerby. For that reason alone, the front door is more important than it’s typically given credit for being. But the fact is that your front door needs to be much more than beautiful. It must also be strong enough to keep out would-be intruders, and it must be durable enough to withstand glaring sun, driving rain, and all the other challenges your local climate might bring. So if you’re seeking to give a fast and dramatic facelift to the facade of your home, be certain that you’re choosing a replacement door that’s up to the task.” Read the article.

How to protect your home while away

Concept of housingWith the winter holiday travel season approaching and a steady increase of crime in North America, home safety is a big concern these days. When leaving your home, whether going to the store, out to dinner or for a visit to Grandma’s, the following advice could pay big, big dividends. A residence that presents a “lived-in” appearance is a deterrent to burglars. Never leave notes that can inform a burglar that your house is unoccupied. Make certain all windows and doors are secured before departing. See the rest of our suggestions to secure your home and what to do if you find a door or window has been forced or broken while you were away at Home Hints eNews.