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Did you know that ceiling tiles installed prior to 1980 may have asbestos in them?  These tiles for ceiling structural purposes reached their height in popularity from 1950-1980.  If these tiles are “friable” (i.e. become disturbed or airborne), they can create an environment that is unsafe for breathing.  If your ceiling tiles are cracked, it is recommended that you get them tested for asbestos and, if present, paint or otherwise seal them as soon as possible.  

Older homes semi-commonly have asbestos ceiling tiles installed which can potentially be a health risk.  Asbestos is a natural yet dangerous mineral that, if disturbed and inhaled over long periods of time, can cause serious and/or deadly illnesses.  

This material for building purposes, including floors, ceilings and walls is now regulated by the OSHA and EPA.  If you have concerns about your ceiling (or other) tiles please check out this link for further information: How do I know if I have asbestos in my home (in floor tile, ceiling tile, shingles, siding, etc.)? | Asbestos | US EPA