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In the spirit of the spooky season, I’ve compiled a few home inspection-related stories to get you in the mood. Just remember: home inspection reports don’t have to be scary as long as you keep them in context. 

Happy (scary) reading! Boo!

Author: Family Handyman

Title: “110 Super Scary Home Inspector Nightmare Photos

Recommended Because: When you are a seasoned home inspector, you see it all. This is a catalog of some seriously scary things—including many examples of things I’ve come across in my career (I’m not kidding).

Author: Realtor.com

Title: “10 Scariest Things a Home Inspector Might Find in Your House

Recommended Because: A nice rundown of things that go bump…in your bank account.

Author: InspectorPro Insurance

Title: “Top 3 Scary Home Inspection Stories

Recommended Because: Snakes. Rats. Haunted houses. Home inspectors share their scary stories. 

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