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Photo: Unprotected gas line

Pictured here is an unprotected gas line under a fireplace discovered at a recent home inspection on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands.  Take a look under your gas fireplace and see if the flexible gas piping is protected.  If it’s in contact with the (sharp) sheet metal surround of the fireplace, it needs to be corrected.  Amazingly, many installers do not take this simple step, but it is required.  According to the Gastite (flexible gas piping) Installation Manual, “Where it is necessary to install Gastite (flexible gas piping) through sheet metal enclosures (such as fireplaces) the tubing should be routed or supported to prevent physical contact with the enclosure. If direct contact cannot be avoided a rubber grommet may be used to prevent physical contact with the enclosure. Otherwise a Gastite angle stub or rigid pipe components must be used.