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Roof flashing details are more than “details”: they are critical components of your home’s construction. Without proper flashing, you might as well open the front door to your home and invite moisture to make itself at home.

In our part of the country, where rain is prevalent, I often see rust and corrosion showing at roof flashing details and at other protective metal elements (such as chimney caps)—as was the case during a recent inspection in Ferndale. 

For flashing that is rusting but not too deteriorated, I recommend clients paint rusted areas to extend serviceable life while budgeting for its replacement in the future. 

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VIDEO: Gas Fireplace Cleaning…NOT a DIY!

This video explains why it’s important to have your gas fireplace professionally serviced by a qualified contractor. If you clean the glass front and don’t properly seal the front, you risk combustion byproducts entering the home- which results in CO (carbon monoxide) entering the home- together with combustion byproducts “sooting,” or “ghosting,” your interior walls and ceilings (you’ll see the studs in the walls and ceilings outlined in black and need to repaint). So, this is best left to the professionals for safety and cosmetic reasons. Continue reading