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try to poke my head in all sorts of places during an inspection, including under the kitchen sink. Poking around is what I get paid to do!

On a recent occasion, during an inspection in Ferndale, I discovered a crack in the garbage disposal appliance casing within the kitchen sink base cabinet. Upon closer look, I could see this was an older disposal and was not repairable, so I advised the replacement of the appliance.

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How to Clean a Garbage Disposal

During the holidays we not only feed our family and friends more, but, typically, most of us feed our garbage disposal a lot more holiday food, too. Ehow.com says, “Anyone with a garbage disposal knows that some pretty funky odors can lurk down in the inner depths of its jaws. However, a garbage disposal may not seem like the easiest thing to clean, as liquids pour right through and powders just can’t get the greasy odors with a good scrub. If you would rather not stick your whole arm into your garbage disposal, but want to keep it clean, a few simple tricks will do the job.”