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I recently came across a common issue during a home inspection in Eastsound on Orcas Island: deterioration and fungal growth at window head trim elements. Unfortunately, in this case, there was the possibility of underlying damage not visible without invasive inspection.

The builders on this home used Spruce Pine Fir (SPF) trim, as opposed to cedar wood. I recommended the owners consider replacing any deteriorated SPF with cedar because cedar is naturally rot resistant and will have extended serviceable life upon installation.

In other words, cedar is ideal for homes in the northwest. It may come at a higher price up front, but its long-lasting features will make it a great value down the road.

For homeowners debating between cedar and SPF trim, there is no contest when it comes to quality.

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VIDEO: Discovering Deteriorated OSB Eave Sheathing Behind Gutters!

Tim Hance with All Islands Home Inspections recently discovered deterioration and fungal growth at OSB roof sheathing immediately behind gutters at a recent Oak Harbor, WA home inspection. It is important to keep gutters clear and free of debris to help prevent spillage that can lead to sheathing deterioration. Also, although not per se required, I always recommend installing a metal drip-edge flashing detail at all eaves (e.g., behind gutters) that is run underneath the roof coverings and over the fascia trim to further prevent water damage in the event that gutters overflow or water is introduced.


I’ve written about LP InnerSeal composite siding a bit here on the blog because I encounter it relatively often. As you might know, LP InnerSeal siding is a product that was subject to a class-action lawsuitfor premature failure and elevated maintenance requirements. 

Despite these issues, the siding will potentially deliver years of serviceable life if well and proactively maintained (e.g., painted and caulked). However, it does require high maintenance. 

I recently came across a home in Freeland that had deteriorated and swelled LP composite siding, together with fungal growth. In my report, I recommended that my clients have the siding further evaluated by a qualified contractor, one familiar with LP InnerSeal siding and its unique painting requirements.

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Video: FUNGAL Growth in Crawl Space!

Water intrusion and fungal growth were noted at a recent home inspection in Anacortes on Fidalgo Island. Fungal growth and water intrusion lead to structural deterioration and insect activity/damage. I recommended further evaluation and repair of the underlying cause of water intrusion and then repair and replacement of deteriorated structural elements, as necessary. Water is the enemy! Keep it away and your structure will be happy!