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Plumbing leak prevention tips

repairing sink drainMany plumbing problems are entirely preventable with an easy inspection. Check that the fixtures are securely mounted by gently grasping the faucet pipe and attempting to move the fixture. It should be securely fastened at the base with no movement and no separation of the sealing gasket from the counter or sink top. If it moves, and you are handy and flexible, there is usually securing hardware on the underside of the sink. However, it is often difficult to access and may best be left to a plumber. Turn both faucets on high. Seepage at the base or from either one of the controls may indicate washer or O ring problems which, if you are handy, you may be able to repair. Let the water run for a minute or so. Does the sink drain fully and easily? If not, you may have a down line blockage that might be cured by the careful and safe application of a commercial drain cleaner. For more leak prevention inspection ideas, see this article.