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Should you worry about moss growth on your wood deck/railing systems?  This is a fairly common occurrence in homes with older deck systems.  

As it turns out, moss creates an environment conducive to elevated moisture conditions that could lead to deterioration over time.  It may look pretty, but looks can be deceiving!  Underneath moss growth that has been left alone for some time you just might find rotten wood…Yikes!  Moss growth should be removed to safeguard against water intrusion/damage into the future, and to avoid bids to repair/replace your deck system.  

Check out this link for more information on what to do when you see moss/organic growth on your deck/railing system: Removing Moss & Algae from Your Deck | Decks.com by Trex


I don’t know about you, but I enjoy lounging on decks that don’t collapse. 

If you are like me and also appreciate structural stability, you should really consider installing metal support hardware throughout your deck system.

For example, I recently came across a home in San Juan County with an exterior deck and stair system in need of metal post-to-base hardware installation for improved security. Some of the underlying support columns were very loose and, therefore, the deck was not necessarily considered stable.

Metal support hardware can help stabilize decks and stair systems and should always be used. The video below shows one example of how to install metal support hardware on a railing system while giving you an idea of why it’s so important. Thanks for watching!

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