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AFCI Breakers

AFCI breakers, common to newer homes, provide added protection to homes in the event of an arc-fault. AFCI stands for “Arc Fault Circuit Interruptor.” If there’s an arc fault, the AFCI breaker “trips” the circuit, turning off power to help prevent the possibility of an electrical event or fire. The video above explains how to best test AFCI breakers to ensure they’re working properly. Technically, manufacturers typically recommend testing these breakers every thirty (30) days. If they don’t “trip,” replacement by a qualified electrician is advised.

AFCI Breaker Testing Explained!

AFCI, or arc-fault-circuit-interruptor breakers are common in newer construction homes. Manufacturers recommend testing breakers on a monthly basis. How to test these breakers is advised in this video taken at a recent home inspection in Anacortes on Fidalgo Island. If the breakers don’t “trip” when tested, replacement by an electrician is advised. Continue reading