Save water and money with soaker hoses

Photo credit: Steph L, Flikr Creative Commons

Photo credit: Steph L, Flikr Creative Commons says, “Soaker hoses help you save. Sprinklers waste water on overspray, runoff and evaporation. But by allowing water to seep directly into the soil, soaker hoses put water exactly where your plants need it at the root zone. So you save:

  • Time: no more moving sprinklers or hand watering in garden beds,
  • Money: using less water means smaller water bills,
  • Your Plants: they get just the right amount of water, and no spray means leaf diseases are kept in check, and
  • Our Environment: you are saving water and using a recycled product.”

This site compares soaker hoses versus drip irrigation and has a video about how to use soaker hoses properly.