Roofs: Minor Repairs

Your roof leaks. You want to try repairs. Climbing a roof is hazardous. We recommend you call a professional. But, if you just have to try to DYI, AND if it is a minor leak AND you are fairly handy, agile, coordinated AND fit enough to get on your roof AND the roof is not too steep here are some considerations. Roof pitch or slope is a measure of the incline of a roof. So what is too steep? That’s a decision for you to make on a roof with a pitch LESS than 6. A pitch or slope of 6 means that the roof rises 6″ for every 12″ inward towards the peak (written as 6/12). A roof slope of 6/12 is equal to a 26.5 degree angle. More than this is too dangerous for an amateur DON’T try it!! Your local full service hardware store should be able help you to decide if you should try to repair your own roof. They should be able to give you a step by step approach, an explanation of materials needed and techniques used. We still think the best bet is to call a professional. Proceed at your own risk.