REAL ESTATE UNVEILED! PODCAST: Is DIY a good idea for window installation?

On this month’s podcast, Tim and Liz sit down with John Carlson and James Montgomery with Island Sash & Door to answer questions about windows and doors, including:

  • What’s the deal with “fogged” windows?
  • Why do window seals fail?
  • Do windows have warranties? Do warranties transfer to new owners?
  • How does window replacement work?
  • Is DIY a good idea when it comes to window and door installation?
  • What role do windows play in a home’s thermal efficiency?
  • Are there ways that homeowners can improve issues related to in-home environmental sounds (e.g., jet noise) by using specific windows/doors?
  • What is tempered glass? Why is it used? When is it required?
  • What are typical egress requirements for homes?

More about our guests

Island Sash & Door is a small, narrowly focused company that specializes in windows, doors, skylights and shower doors. We work closely with you, your building professional, your architect/designer and the manufacturer to ensure the window and door products for your home or building project meet your objectives and vision–and not simply your needs. With more than four decades of experience in the window and door industry in the Pacific Northwest, we are often able to accomplish design requirements, overcome compliance hurdles or solve product selection problems where others can’t. For more information, visit more, subscribe to our newsletter at If you have questions or comments about home inspections in general, tweet me (@AIHomeInspect).