Real Estate Unveiled! Podcast: Bob Shupe of Cleaner Guys Talks Mold

Editor’s Note: We hope you enjoy this first episode of the Real Estate Unveiled! podcast. We are thrilled that you stopped by. Each month, we will broadcast a new show about topics related to real estate, home inspections, residential appraisals, construction, and issues related to these fields. Along the way, we will share our expertise, learn from other experts, and have some fun. Thanks for listening! – Tim & Liz Hance

Bob Shupe, principal executive with Cleaner Guys in Mount Vernon, dropped by to join us for the inaugural episode of the Real Estate Unveiled! podcast.

Cleaner Guys is a well-established business that provides exceptional cleaning and restoration services—including issues related to mold.

During the podcast, Tim, Liz, and Bob examine myriad mold questions, including:

• Do home appraisers and home inspectors need to reveal the discovery of mold?

• Is mold always a health concern?

• What should home buyers and home sellers need to consider when it comes to mold issues?

• How much does mold remediation cost?

Bob Shupe

More about our guest: Bob Shupe has worked in the cleaning and restoration industry for nearly 20 years, and has a unique depth of experience, having worked for large national/international franchise organizations on both the corporate/franchiser and franchisee sides of that business model. He has personally managed both small and large loss projects, including water damage mitigation and repairs, fire damage clean-up and reconstruction, high-rise/multi-use commercial losses, and localized catastrophic events related to river flooding and wind storms. He holds a Master Water Restorer and Mold Remediation certifications with IICRC as well as smoke/odor and fire damage cleaning certifications.

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