Asbestos is an issue that often comes up when inspecting older homes, even homes that have been “completely renovated.”  Textured “popcorn” ceilings, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, vinyl flooring, roofing materials, insulation, and white tape wrap on pipes and furnace ducting commonly contain asbestos.  

In fact (news flash!), did you know that even modern homes could contain asbestos? Asbestos isn’t typically a health concern unless it becomes disturbed or starts falling apart. In the industry, the term “friable” is often employed, which means “easily crumbled.” 

If you suspect asbestos in your home—and it appears “friable” or could in any way become compromised—it could very well be a safety issue worth investigating for safety and liability reasons.  

If you’re planning to renovate a home- even a newer home- testing materials to be disturbed or removed for asbestos is advised by professionals.  Confirming asbestos requires laboratory analysis, which is not very expensive. Visit the Environmental Protection Agency website to learn more about asbestos in homes.

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