Uh oh: Your door is not closing properly.

It used to work seamlessly, but now it doesn’t stay open or close correctly. Perhaps it rubs against the floor or its jamb. What’s changed? What’s wrong? Is the structural integrity of my home at-risk? Why is this happening? 

Oh no!

Okay, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but sometimes doors that don’t function properly can cause homeowners great concern. Problematic doors are a particularly common issue for historic homeowners. However, most of the time, the causes and solutions for fixing the problem are simple—and not of structural concern.

Recently, while inspecting a house in Skagit County, I came upon this issue. A bedroom door in the home was rubbing against its jamb. In my report, I recommended that a qualified contractor further evaluate the door and make any needed repairs. I also noted the issue didn’t appear to be of any significant structural concern.

Case (and door) closed.

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