How to use your pressure washer

‘Tis the season for pressure washing!  Below is an article from our Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands Home Inspection eNewsletter addressing some great techniques and principles for pressure washing.  (With the below in mind, PLEASE don’t pressure wash your roofs!)

How to Use a Pressure Washer says, “Pressure washing can be a quick, easy way to clean your car, driveway, deck or siding. However, the powerful stream of water can also inflict damage if not handled properly. By learning a few techniques and principles, you’ll get the job done more quickly and won’t risk harming your home or family in the process.” However, pressure washers are not magic wands to be waved over a problem, they are power equipment, and, like all power equipment, it’s not as simple as it seems. For power washing basics see “How to Use a Pressure Washer.”