Home Inspector Licensing Laws

Effective July of 2009, Washington State now (finally) has laws that expressly regulate the home inspection industry under RCW 18.280 and WAC 308-408A. Not all home inspectors are licensed or created equal, and these new regulations truly raise the bar and make entry into the home inspection industry much more difficult. This is great not only for the home inspection industry, but also for the consumer and real estate professional alike. All Islands Home Inspections is dedicated to the highest standards of service, conduct and professionalism within the industry.

Here are some quick facts about the newly regulated industry you should be aware of:

  1. Home Inspectors are now required by law to be licensed by the Washington State Department of Licensing. The Department began issuing licenses in July 2009. Tim Hance is Washington State Licensed Home Inspector #624.
  2. Home Inspectors must complete 120 hours of board approved (not online) home inspection fundamentals course work prior to licensing.
  3. To be licensed, Home Inspectors must mentor with an experienced home inspector for at least 40 hours of field training in addition to the required 120 hours of course work.
  4. Home Inspectors must take and successfully pass the Washington State (4-hour) Home Inspection Exam.
  5. Home Inspectors must pay $680 in licensing fees.
  6. Home Inspectors must complete at least 24 hours of continuing education in approved courses every 2 years.
  7. Home Inspectors are not required to be Structural Pest Inspectors (SPI). Identification of or damage by wood destroying organisms shall be conducted by a licensed SPI. Tim Hance is WSDA Licensed SPI #75011.
  8. Home Inspections and Reports must meet, at a minimum, the Washington State Standards of Practice (WAC 308-408C).
  9. Home Inspectors can not repair, replace, or upgrade for compensation components or systems on any building inspected within one year of the original inspection.
  10. Home Inspectors can not, by law, disclose information contained in an Inspection Report to anyone without the client’s express permission.