Flooring 101: How to care for wood flooring

Wood flooring in homes is certainly a beautiful feature, but it’s important to keep it dry. Pay particular attention to wood flooring in bathrooms, kitchens and adjacent exterior doors. Signs of water intrusion include staining and cupping (warping) of wood floors. Even if you notice subtle cupping or staining of your wood floors, take action as soon as possible; water damage only gets worse with time. I use a high-quality moisture meter at inspections which reveals underlying moisture not visible to the naked eye. 

This tool has saved countless homeowners from costly water damage, catching it before the problem becomes quite expensive and extensive. Well-maintained, wood floors will provide years of lasting beauty and value to your home. My personal favorite type of wood flooring is distressed or historic/reclaimed clear vertical grain (CVG) fir. It’s a Pacific Northwest classic!

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