Today’s home improvement technology is pretty impressive. 

Consider the toolbox in your garage. More than likely, at least some of the tools it holds are light years ahead (technologically speaking) of the devices in your grandparents’ or great grandparents’ garages.

This reality is doubly true for contractors. If properly deployed, technology isn’t just “cool,” it’s also a potentially huge time and money saver. 

One example of this is videoscoping sewer lines to gauge pipe conditions. For readers who may not be familiar, videoscoping is the use of a snake-like camera to inspect places you can’t usually see, like the inside of pipes. 

I typically encourage the practice when I encounter older iron sewer lines (as I did during a recent inspection in Bellingham). Iron sewer lines have an expected life of 55-65 years and rust from the inside-out, so deterioration can be difficult to detect.

When paired with home improvement strategies, new technology such as videoscoping can make a significant difference, as the video showcased in this post shows.

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