Chimney clearance fire hazards

Inspecting homes in Anacortes, Washington, it’s all too common to discover wood stove, fireplace, furnace, and water heater flues in direct contact with (a) roof sheathing, (b) insulation, (c) roof structure (rafters, trusses), and (d) sheetrock.  99% of all flue manufacturers REQUIRE 1-2 inches “free and clear” around chimneys (flues) for safety reasons.  They make no exceptions for fiberglass insulation or sheetrock, etc.  1-2 inches “free and clear.”  Whenever we see flues in direct contact with anything, we call it out as a SAFETY ISSUE and recommend repair.

Homeowners rarely traverse attics to discover such issues.  This is why it’s so important to get a home inspection when buying or selling a home.  If for no other reason than the Peace of Mind you get knowing your home is safe.  I created the below YouTube video demonstrating common insufficient clearance discoveries for flues encountered when inspecting homes in Anacortes.  I hope you enjoy!