Homeowners often like to use their appliances well after their statistical life expectancies. While using something that is in perfectly good working order—while perhaps a little on the “old” side—isn’t always a bad thing, I will always recommend that clients budget for appliance replacement based on these average lifespan figures. Obviously, there are many factors that impact how long an appliance will last, such as maintenance (or deferred maintenance). 

During a recent inspection in Freeland, I came across an oil-fired radiant circulating boiler heating appliance in likely need of replacement. I noted the boiler was approaching the end of its statistical expected life of 20-25 years, and that rust and corrosion were noted at many of the appliance fittings.

While the last apparent service for this appliance was recently undertaken, I couldn’t verify as to whether or not this appliance was FULLY serviced (including all related heating system infrastructure). To that end, I highly recommended full service of the boiler, water heater, and all related infrastructure by a qualified HVAC contractor prior to closing.

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