Every month, we seek to bring our readers insight from the worlds of home construction, home repair, and home maintenance straight from local Northwest Washington contractors in a segment we call “3 Questions.” Yep, you guessed it: we ask three questions, and the contractors answer them.

Kelly Fox

This month, we talk about siding issues with Kelly Fox, president at Frontier Building Supply in Anacortes.

Q1: What kind of exterior wood trim do you recommend that has the best longevity and requires the least maintenance? 

For longevity and low maintenance, I recommend PVC trim from brands like Royal and AZEK. These types of trim options have some limitations when it comes to the color, typically requiring light colors or dark colors without dark pigments. For an excellent all-around product, fiber-cement trim takes any color of paint and matches the longevity of the fiber-cement siding. 

Q2: What’s your favorite type of exterior siding, and why?

At my core, I am a wood guy, and on my own home, I would have cedar siding in lap and shake for the natural beauty that only wood brings. As I age, that may change to fiber cement for the low maintenance and warranties that add value to the home. With advances in manufacturing, fiber cement companies are making great-looking shingle products that finish up like wood. 

Q3: What’s your best advice to homeowners about maintaining the exteriors of their homes?

When I think about maintaining the exterior of a home, I am naturally drawn to what is protecting the investment. In most homes, that is the paint and sealants. The difference between good paint and great paint is the quality of the ingredients. More expensive paints are using higher solid contents and better binders that help the paint cover and hide. While I know that not every budget can afford the best-quality paints, I recommend that you buy the best quality paints and sealants within your means.

Bonus Q: Any excellent, new exterior product(s) you love and can share with our audience?

Synthetic stone products have been around for as long as I have been in the industry and probably longer. Some manufacturers have found ways to “panelize” these products that stack and install like traditional siding without the need for traditional stonemason skills (or expenses). While these might not be for an entire house, they are great for accent wall, entries or can be used to create a rich look of stacked sidings. (I have even seen some of these used to create great fireplace surrounds inside and out!)

About Frontier Building Supply

 In 1975 in an old house on the waterfront of Anacortes, Washington, Frontier Industries was born. Family owned and operated, Frontier was founded on the idea that a combination of exemplary service, first-rate quality, and a competitive price couldn’t miss. Today, with six locations in three counties and more than 70 employees, that same idea forms the very core of the company’s values. Now, doing business as Frontier Building Supply, the organization is proud to be the company the professionals use. Clientele consists of high-quality custom home builders, first-rate commercial contractors, and remodelers. More information at http://www.fbs.us.

A big “thanks” to Kelly for his responses! If you have questions or comments about home inspections in general, tweet me (@AIHomeInspect).